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Bring Stuff!

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Tips, Upcoming

Mind Camp is all about participation and networking - checking out what cool projects people are working on, and getting a chance to show off your own work, or to discuss your crazy off-the-wall ideas. We want to encourage everyone, therefore, to bring stuff. If you have a cool gadget you want to show off, bring it. If you’ve a website that you want to get some eyeballs on, bring your laptop (we’re working hard to make sure wireless will be readily available). Even if it’s just a cool book or piece of video, or anything that might spark an interesting conversation, bring it with you. We want everyone engaged and active and helping us out to make sure Mind Camp 8 blows the socks off of the last seven events. See you Saturday!

If you don't yet have your ticket, be sure to grab one on the Mind Camp 8 registration page!