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Getting ready for Seattle Mind Camp 10: The Practical Guide

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Tips, Upcoming

Seattle Mind Camp 10 is one week away!  For those of you who aren’t sure what to expect, this guide will hopefully give you a bit of an orientation.  Even you Mind Camp veterans might want to look over the details, here, as a few things have changed this time around:

I don't have a ticket yet, where do I register?
Seattle Mind Camp is full, however, we do have a wait list that has been getting tickets released to it. To join, head to the Mind Camp 10 registration page!

When should I arrive?
The doors will open at 11:00am on Saturday, June 6, at which time lunch will be served for all of our attendees, provided by Facebook. Opening remarks and introductions will start promptly at 12:00pm, so please arrive in time to check in, mingle, check out the session candidates along the walls.  Note that if you’re hoping to present a session, you should arrive on time to post your Session Organizer Candidate Form.

How do I get there?

Facebook Seattle

Mind Camp 10 will be held at Facebook Seattle, located in downtown Seattle. The address is 1730 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101. We'll be checking the guest list at the door, and only those who registered will be granted access!

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Getting ready for Seattle Mind Camp 10: The Philosophical Guide

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This is an updated version of a post originally published on April 28, 2006. Seattle Mind Camp 10 takes place June 6-7 - get your tickets now!

Most of you who have previously attended Seattle Mind Camp understand the free-form nature of the beast.  However, many of you will be joining us for the first time, and I wanted to try to prepare you for the kind of event you’re going to encounter.  Mind Camp is not a traditional type of gathering, and the success of the event depends in large part on the willingness of the participants to wrestle the chaotic mess into order.

Seattle Mind Camp is an “unconference,” in the style of Bar Camp or Foo Camp.  The idea of an unconference has been promulgated by Dave Winer, among others.  As I understand it, Winer’s particular insight was that, for any conference panel discussion, you could take any random group of people out of the audience, replace the panel onstage with that random group, and have an equally enlightening and worthwhile session.  The Mind Camp experience seeks to leverage that idea by completely doing away with a pre-planned program of speakers. The day’s sessions will be designed by the attendees and the schedule will be curated by Andru Edwards and his Mind Camp Counselors team.

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Seattle Mind Camp 10: June 6-7 at Facebook!

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Seattle Mind Camp is back! We’ve just scheduled Seattle Mind Camp 10 to take place over the weekend of June 6-7 at Facebook offices in Seattle, an incredible space in Seattle's downtown area. Oh, and yes, the event will most certainly run for 24 hours straight as usual. Tickets are on sale now, and we’ve already got a great group of people registered. Be sure to get your ticket, because we expect these to go fast!

Wondering what's so cool about Mind Camp? You may wanna check out our YouTube channel!

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