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Bryan Zug
The Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam—Scott Berkun and I plan on reprising this session from MC2, so bring something good to share. Whoever the harmonica beatbox guy was from last time, please do your thing again. We’ll have video and a PA for the session and hope to capture it in all it’s glory.

  • Slam signup list: reserve a spot
    • Bryan Zug
    • Scott Berkun
    • Korby Parnell
    • Karen Anderson
    • Jen Zug
    • Ario Jafarzadeh
    • Chad Urso McDaniel
    • Justin Martenstein
    • You could be here! (Hit that edit button, above right)

Screencasting Discussion—there’s been some interest in discussing screencasting. I’m happy to facilitate a session. Very interested to hear what others are up to in this space and share my experience.

Scott Berkun

The myths of innovation (contribute to a book in progress)- Two parts to this session: short talk on some of the themes from the book, but most of it will be exchanging ideas on what innovation is, how it happens, the role of management / luck / inspiration / $$$ / love and whatever concepts or stories you think should be in the book that aren’t there yet.

How to write a book- a friendly chat on what I’ve learned about the book writing process, for the art of project management and the book I’m finishing now on Innovation, both with O’Reilly. Published or want-to-be published writers welcome. I have zero idea if anyone cares about this, but glad to do it if anyone is.

Adam Loving

Netflix Prize Update - I am not qualified to host this, and probably won’t have time to prepare it - but would love to attend :). I am also interested in a general survey of the state of the art in recommendation algorithms.

WinFX vs Flash - which is better smack down.

Castle ActiveRecord - Utilizing the ActiveRecord pattern (popularized by Ruby on Rails) within .NET.  This I could probably host.

Korby Parnell
The Story About Ping- The children’s book that was one of my favorites growing up is now my 2 year old daughter’s favorite. How did this come to be? What role might the legendary Amazon Book Review have had to do with it? And other indicators of the “Ping Meme”.

Karen Anderson
Oxygen to Your Brain - a 15-minute participatory “trailer park” yoga session. Is anyone else looking to do short (15 minute) sessions and we could sign up to fill a session slot together? And is anyone a real yoga maven who’d like to help facilitate the session with me? Please get in touch. This is guerilla yoga—no fancy names for the positions, just stretching, some situps/pushups/cardio, and a calming, centering cooldown.

the coffeerobots
Ruby on Rails in the “real world” So you’ve worked through the “Create a blog in 15 minutes” demo, and you want to know what it’s like to use Ruby on Rails in an actual software development shop.  Join us for a round-table discussion with tips and tricks for developing with Rails in the “real world”, hosted by the coffeerobots .

Bernie Thompson
Is it possible to distill the collected wisdom of the world in haiku?  In 24 hours?  Haiku slam and some ruby-fu helper construction.