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Wednesday October 19, 2005 11:49 pm

Seattle Mind Camp Tickets Starting To Go Out

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Upcoming

Mind Camp Ticket

There it is - the Seattle Mind Camp ticket. I am going to begin mailing these out tomorrow to registered attendees. As of today, we have 92 attendees, with 58 more open spots. Don’t forget to tell anyone who you think belong at the event to sign up at the registration page. A big shout out to BrownPaperTickets for producing these for us.

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Just signed up this morning and received one of the two receipts (and printed). Didn’t get the other one yet and I bet that’s the trigger to showing up on the sidebar.

I do see your name, Jack, (how you been, btw?) next to the black bullet. You can register for the Wiki here: http://www.seattlemind.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&returnto=Main_Page

Then the instructions say you can add yourself once you show up in the blogroll, which you do so hopefully will see you there smile

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